In-person tickets

The events will be held on a hybrid basis: There are a limited number of seats on site (in-person tickets) as well as the possibility to attend the events via livestream. Tickets for all festival events can be purchased at the following advance booking offices:


in-person tickets:


Box office

If an event is not sold out, you can buy your in-person ticket at the box office at the earliest one hour before the event begins.


Access to the audience seats is possible by wheelchair.


If the event takes place in the Old Botanical Garden: The path leads from the entrance of the Ethnological Museum via the bamboo path past the toilets to the pavilion. The steeper part of the path is asphalted, the flatter part leads over gravel.


Buy your ticket regularly via the advance sale. The entrance for one accompanying person is free.


Please contact us so that we can reserve a place for you and your accompanying person:



Live Recording

We are using a multiple camera-setup with high-quality equipment and live broadcast editing, similar to the production of a TV show. This is to ensure that you can enjoy an exciting and engaging festival experience from the comfort of your home.



for future live streams and past video recordings can be purchased here: