The New York Times bestselling author Deborah Feldman opened the festival and presented her works "Unorthodox" and "Überbitten".

Moderation: Juri Steiner. (Photos: Livio Baumgartner)

Mia Couto, one of Africa's most important writers, presented his new novel "Imani".

Moderation: Michael Kegler, German voice: Oriana Schrage.

(Photos: Livio Baumgartner)

This year's Georg Büchner Prize winner Lukas Bärfuss in conversation with last year's Büchner Prize winner Terézia Mora on the question of what we can expect from literature in the future. (Photos: Livio Baumgartner)

The German bestselling author Judith Schalansky talked with the philosopher Barbara Bleisch about her new book "Verzeichnis einiger Verluste".

Followed by the screening and live scoring of the silent film "White Shadows in the South Seas" (USA, 1928) by the band Bitter Moon,

introduced by Pablo Assandri (Institute of Incoherent Cinematography). (Photos: Livio Baumgartner)

The British Booker Prize winner Julian Barnes presented his new novel "The Only Story".

Moderation: Thomas Bodmer, German voice: Ariela Sarbacher. (Photos: Livio Baumgartner)

US-American feminist author Roxane Gay made her first appearance in the German-speaking area and presented her bestsellers "Bad Feminist" and "Hunger". Moderation: Sarah Owens, German voice: Miriam Japp. (Photos: Johanna Saxen)


Words on Stage - Best of Spoken Word. The grandiose festival closing evening with Helene Bockhorst, Matto Kämpf, Lara Stoll, Interrobang, Simon Chen. Moderation: Knackeboul. (Photos: Johanna Saxen)