The Irish Booker Prize winner John Banville opened the festival and presented his new novel "The Blue Guitar".

Moderation: Britta Spichiger, German voice: Miriam Japp.

(Photos: Livio Baumgartner)

The Finnish star author Sofi Oksanen read from her new novel "Norma" in the Kaufleuten Klubsaal.

Moderation: Mikael Krogerus, German voice: Sarah Sandeh. (Photos: Livio Baumgartner)

Reading and conversation with feminist US author Rebecca Solnit, who presented her books "Men Explain Things to Me" and "The Mother of All Questions".  Moderation: Catherine Newmark, German voice: Ariela Sarbacher.

Followed by the screening and live scoring of the silent movie "La souriante Madame Beudet" (France 1922)  by the performance trio Acid Amazonians, after an introduction by Pablo Assandri (Institute of Incoherent Cinematography).

(Photos: Livio Baumgartner)

The Austrian writer Clemens J. Setz presented his new book "Bot. Conversation without Author" in the Kaufleuten Festsaal.

Moderation: Corina Freudiger.

Followed by "Frankenstein", stage reading with Fabienne Hadorn, Rahel Hubacher and live sounds by MM(-OUS), script: Gesa Schneider. 

(Photos: Livio Baumgartner) 

The Scottish cult author presented his new novel "The Blade Artist".

Moderation: Blas Ulibarri, German voice: Thomas Sarbacher.

Followed by screening of the movie "Trainspotting" (Director: Danny Boyle, GB 1996)

(Photos: Livio Baumgartner)

Carolin Emcke and Teju Cole: Two of the most important intellectuals talking about the most urgent issues of our time, moderation: Gesa Schneider.
(Photos: Livio Baumgartner)

Words on Stage - Best of Spoken Word. The explosive festival conclusion with Patti Basler, Renato Kaiser, Knackeboul, Lisa Christ, Jens Nielsen. Moderation: Gülsha Adilji.
(Photos: Livio Baumgartner)