Words on Stage

Sunday 18 july 2021

open-air stage

Old Botanical Garden

The grand festival finale: a spoken word variety show with Switzerland's best performance poets:

Tanja Kummer, her performances with yodeller Christine Lauterburg are legendary, but the author also delights solo with her fast-paced stories full of dark humor.


Ágota Dimén is an actress and storyteller from Transylvania. She often prays that her soul won't end up in hell - but even if it does, so what? - At least there are lots of friends. She has been performing her new show "Late Night Drag" at Millers since October 2019. She became nationally known as Dominic Deville's sidekick in the "Deville Late Night Show".


Guy Krneta, the award-winning writer and playwright is a master of fine observations from everyday life: his stories are funny, witty, whimsical, with depth. He is considered a pioneer of contemporary literary dialect.


Rebekka Lindauer, shooting star of the Swiss poetry slam scene, writes and performs like good coffee: black and unsweetened. She delivers her satirical tips as accurately as a fist on the eye - and sometimes grills seasoned comedians like sausages on a barbecue. 


Gülsha Adilji was the voice of the youth channel Joiz, Journalist of the Year 2012 and now devotes herself to her passion, storytelling. Ruthlessly open and full of self-irony, Gülsha reveals why she'd rather hang out with a snail than get drunk all the time.


The evening will be hosted by cabaret artist and spoken word author Christoph Simon. He is the winner of the Salzburger Stier 2018, two-time Swiss Poetry Slam champion and Olten Cabaret Casting winner. 

German, Swiss German 

Photo Credits: 
Tatjana Rüegsegger (Dimen), Mirjam Kluka (Gülsha), Sebastien Agnetti (Krneta), Claudia Herzog (Kummer), Toshimi (Lindauer).



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