Dana Grigorcea, Simone Lappert & Pedro Lenz

"La suisse n'existe pas"

Panel discussion and authors' reading

Saturday 17 july 2021

open-air stage

Old Botanical Garden

Contemporary Swiss authors read from their latest works and discuss living and working in Switzerland, special qualities of Swiss literature, and what homeland means to them. 


Jonas Lüscher, born 1976 in Zurich, an author who expresses himself pointedly on political issues and contemporary phenomena in essays or at appearances. His novella Frühling der Barbaren became a bestseller, was on the longlist for the German Book Prize, and was nominated for the Swiss Book Prize. He won the Swiss Book Prize with his novel Kraft

Simone Lappert, born in 1985 in Aarau, Switzerland, studied at the Swiss Literature Institute in Biel. With her debut novel "Wurfschatten" she was shortlisted for the "aspekte" prize. She is president of the Basel International Poetry Festival. In 2019, she published the novel "Der Sprung", which was nominated for the Swiss Book Prize. 


Pedro Lenz, born in 1965, is one of the most important, perhaps even the most important voice in contemporary Swiss dialect literature. His bestselling novel Der Goalie bin ig (The Goalie's Me) has won several prizes, been performed as a play, served as a blueprint for the feature film of the same name and has been published in ten translations so far. 


Change of program: Dana Grigorcea can unfortuanately not appear.



Nora Zukker (Tages-Anzeiger)



The event will be held in German. 



Photo Credits:  
Ulrike Arnold (Lüscher), Ayse Yavas (Lappert), Daniel Rihs (Lenz)


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