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Nina Kunz

Tuesday 13 July 2021


Old Botanical Garden


Thought-provoking, witty, intelligent: Nina Kunz writes about the insanity of the present.



What are these eternal thought loops all about? What do sleepless nights on Instagram mean? And how can Jean-Paul Sartre help with panic attacks? Personally and precisely, Nina Kunz – Swiss Columnist of the Year 2020 – writes about the malaise of the present and explores the question of why her life, despite all its privileges, often feels so oppressive. A book about performance pressure, workism, world-weariness, tattoos, glowing smartphones, melting polar ice caps and the patriarchy.


Nina Kunz was born in Zurich in 1993, studied social and economic history, and has worked as a columnist and journalist for Das Magazin since 2017. Her texts appear in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, ZEIT and ZEITmagazin. Her first book "Ich denk, ich denk zu viel" was published by Kein & Aber and has been on the Swiss bestseller list for weeks. 
Host: Salome Hohl (Director of Cabaret Voltaire)



Good to know:

Included in the ticket for the reading with Nina Kunz is the subsequent concert by KT Gorique

The reading with Leïla Slimani planned for July 13 will now take place on Tuesday, November 16, 2021 at Kaufleuten. Your tickets and reservations for Leïla Slimani remain valid for the rescheduled date.



Photo: Yves Bachmann



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