Mysteries of a Barbershop

Thursday 15 july 2021

Silent movie screening with live scoring | open-air stage

Old Botanical Garden

The "Mysteries of a Barbershop" (1923) is a silent film grotesque by Bertolt Brecht and Erich Engel. At the same time, it is one of the most famous films by the comedy duo Karl Valentin and Liesl Karlstadt. It describes the absurd conditions in a hairdressing salon that is not at all ordinary.


In collaboration with the Institute for Incoherent Cinematography (IOIC), the film will be shown with a live soundtrack by TokTek.


Behind  TokTek stands musician and visual artist Tom Verbruggen, who designs and deconstructs his own electronic instruments, giving his music a unique character and allowing him to improvise live on stage with the help of  joysticks – the central piece in his live equipment. The results are dramatic live compositions, which break down into delicate and tender sound moments – the perfect soundtrack for Brecht's silent movie.





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