Manuel Stahlberger & Bit-Tuner

Wednesday 14 july 2021

Poetry of Pop | Concert | open-air stage

Old Botanical Garden

The "Poetry of Pop" series is showcasing the most gifted songwriters and music poets from home and abroad. We proudly present: Manuel Stahlberger.


Manuel Stahlberger's reputation as perhaps Switzerland's best songwriter precedes him. His playful yet profound songs are amusing snapshots of the Swiss - sometimes absurd, often sarcastic, and always with a lasting effect.


Manuel Stahlberger is accompanied live by his congenial band partner Bit-Tuner: The heavy beats and basses, gloomy atmospheres and melancholic soundscapes are a wonderful match for Stahlberger's hypnotic sentences and detached observations.


I däre Show - "Manuel Stahlberger's new album is the best, most devastating, poetic, cleverest, eeriest, most cryptic and, in the best sense of the word, most desolate thing that Swiss music has produced this year. (Tages-Anzeiger)


Artists' websites:

Manuel Stahlberger | Stahlberger (Band) | Bit-Tuner


Swiss dialect.


Good to know:
The ticket price for the reading with Carolin Emcke includes the concert by Manuel Stahlberger & Bit-Tuner. 



Doors: 7 pm

Event start: 8 pm,

Part I: reading with Carolin Emcke (8 pm), part II: concert Manuel Stahlberger & Bit-Tuner (10 pm)



Weather permitting, the event will take place on the open-air stage in the Old Botanical Garden.
In case of bad weather, the event will take place indoors at Kaufleuten. The decision on the venue will be published

on this website on the day of the event.




Foto: Michael Bodenmann