Christoph Ransmayr

Monday 12 july 2021

open-air stage

Old Botanical Garden

The multiple award-winning author Christoph Ransmayr 

combines an intimate and tragic family story with a global dystopia in his new novel "Der Fallmeister".


"Der Fallmeister" is set in a gloomy world that has disintegrated into small states, somewhere at the end of the 22nd century. Megalomaniac rulers draw ever tighter borders and wage battles over the resources of drinking water. In this dystopian setting, the novel tells a tragic family story about an irascible father who performs his duties as a lock gate keeper on a raging river and causes a fatal accident in the process. His son is the first-person narrator of the novel and wants to hold him accountable for his "murders". The search for the truth leads him deep back into his own past: driven by his passion for his own sister and outrage over the fate of his mother, who was chased out of the country, he follows the tracks of his father. With powerful imagery and great intensity, Christoph Ransmayr tells of a threatened world and the human hope for forgiveness.


Christoph Ransmayr, born in 1954 in Wels/Upper Austria, is one of the most important German-language authors. His books (including the bestselling novels "Cox or the passage of time" and "Atlas of an Anxious Man") have been translated into more than thirty languages. He has received numerous literary awards, including the Kleist Prize, the Prix du meilleur livre étranger and, together with Salman Rushdie, the Prix Aristeion of the European Union.



The evening will be moderated by religious scholar, philosopher and TV presenter ("Sternstunde Philosophie") Olivia Röllin.



The event will be held in German. 


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Magdalena Weyrer


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